Change the App Name from Connect to My Business Name

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Inspo Rise

I was told that currently in your product development plan, you plan to add the ability to personalize the app name by the end of this year.

I am very glad that this is in the development plan.

However, since the app is currently offered to my customers, I can not have it say Connect.

If I am confusing my customers with conflicting branding/name of my business, I will lose trust.

Having a white-label platform, should ensure that the website, as well as the app, are indeed white-labeled.

All this to say, this is an extremely crucial part of being able to use your platform. How soon could this be updated?


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Hello, Inspo Rise.
With Scrile Connect platform Professional plan you as a business owner gets the following white label solutions:
1. Add custom logo
2. Add custom platform colors
3. Set your own SMTP server
4. Customise your landing page
5. Set your own DNS
6. Set a billing system with real transactions: NetBilling/CCBill FlexForm/PayPal
7. Change and add Policies and Terms

What should you add to this list? What is not enough fro you for launching your business?


Brit Foxx

hello, has this been done yet?