Optional wallet use for subscribing and buying.

Norman Lush

Please allow users to load money onto their wallets and use those funds to buy subscriptions/purchase posts etc. Many users will not want to use their credit cards each time they subscribe to a creator or buy a post. Platforms such as OF's allow this so not having it on this platform is a good reason for them to choose OF's over this one. There should be no reason a user can not load however much they wish onto their wallet and then use it on the site however they wish. Also add an option such as auto top up. A user selects an amount to auto top up from the card on file once their balance dips below that amount. A must have for those who do not wish to have multiple charges on their monthly statements.


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Hello Norman,

We will be happy to develop this functionality for you, please contact your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Best wishes, Kate


Reggie Gamble

Great idea, especially since majority platform has this wallet feature


Norman Lush

I agree! OF has this feature and if you are using an adult natured platform you may not want a credit card statement FULL of charges to that particular site. You should be able to top up your wallet and use that for all onsite purchases but sadly connect does not. I have many users decide not to use my platform because of this where as OF does. Very frustrating and sad.

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